Mint and Cocoa Nibs
Mint and Cocoa Nibs
Mint and Cocoa Nibs
Mint and Cocoa Nibs
Mint and Cocoa Nibs

Mint and Cocoa Nibs


Delicious Peruvian dark chocolate is balanced with natural mint oil and crunchy cocoa nibs.

These cocoa beans proudly come from the UNOCACE Fortaleza cooperatives in Ecuador. As with all our cocoa, it is from organic Fairtrade-certified cooperatives committed to improving their members' livelihoods. We then partner with our Swiss chocolate maker, who offsets all CO2 from our production by planting timber trees in the growing areas for additional farmer income.

The native birds of South America gracing our recyclable packaging remind us of this thriving ecosystem behind every chocolate bar.

Birds: Beryl-spangled Tanager & Wire-crested Thorntail

  • 63% Cocoa
  • No added soy, gluten or dairy
  • Certified organic and Fairtrade
  • Net climate positive

Ground Peruvian cocoa beans**, raw cane sugar**, cocoa butter**, cocoa nibs (8%)**, peppermint oil (1%)*, ground Madagascar vanilla beans**.

*Certified organic, Cocoa percentage 63% minimum.

** certified Organic and Fairtrade


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