We love chocolate
Organic chocolate that's beautiful on the inside and out

We make beautiful organic chocolate with a 'less is better' approach to ingredients and processors and a 'more is better' approach to thoughtfulness, quality, and transparency.  

We believe in quality over quantity, using fewer ingredients and saying no to additives that are not necessary to make good chocolate like chemicals, emulsifiers and animal products - including milk.  

We call this good old attention to detail and generations of Swiss expertise in chocolate craft.  It's all part of our mission to change how you see chocolate – from 'junk food' to 'better food', packing a punch with a high cocoa content of 60% and more and clean, traceable ingredients.  

We make it all happen in our carbon-neutral factory because being a Net Climate Positive Brand, B-Corp Certified, and a living wage accredited employer is all part of creating beautiful chocolate inside and out.